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At Innovative Financial Planning, our financial professionals offer comprehensive wealth and risk management with a specialization in retirement planning.

We provide strategies to help you protect, save, and grow your long-term wealth.


Adviser Custom Portfolios Accounts

OUR INVESTMENT PROCESS: Adviser Custom Portfolios Accounts

Our Adviser Custom Portfolios are created with you in mind.  
We begin by evaluating your needs and goals, considering the time frame of your investment and your tolerance for volatility.

  • We perform asset allocation, not market timing.
  • Once we agree upon an allocation, we begin the process of researching and selecting funds from thousands of options, weighing performance, expenses and volatility.
  • Because these portfolios are created with you and for you, it allows us to address your preferences to help keep you on track to achieving your financial goals.
  • We perform ongoing periodic reviews, reallocate and change managers as needed.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.


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Each office of Lincoln Investment has its own fee schedule. Therefore, the cost for similar services by another office may be higher or lower than the fee schedule shown here. Fees may also vary with complexity of the case or the scope of the services provided. If you choose to implement your financial plan through us, the Financial Advisor will act as agent for the broker-dealer, Lincoln Investment and/or agent for any insurance company with whom the Financial Advisor may affiliate. Security recommendations will be limited to products offered by the broker-dealer. Although you always have the ability to purchase security products through other brokers or dealers, the fee schedule for our services has been structured with the understanding that our clients will implement financial product recommendation through our firm.